The Difference Between Men and Women's Golf Ball

There are many things that could affect your performance, and the big one is the ball. not every women could drive the ball through 250-300. The static shows that women who picked men's golf ball will get poor performance. This is because the balls were originally designed with the thought in mind that women generally had lower swinging speeds.

Big brand names such as  bridgestone, Maxfli Noodle, Pinnacle Gold, Callaway, Nike, and Wilson have begun manufacturing balls that may be more suitable for women. Every golf player should make their own decision when choosing which golf balls to use because while there will always be people who will tell you which is best, only you know which one works best for you.

The tips are, how do you feel the ball and how does it sound. Every golf ball has different feel and sound. you are the only one that can determine which ball is best for you. pick the one based on feel and sound.


Golf Tips by Conan Elliot - Choose Your Best Ladies Golf Clubs

Today I stumbled to conan elliot's video where he talked about how to choose the best ladies golf clubs for you. I find it very interesting and usefull. If you're the one who still confused about what kind of golf clubs that you should take, then here he is..


Used Womens Golf Clubs - Is it Worth Buy?

Well, either you're beginners or pro, choosing the best golf clubs for you is crucial. Not that because the different between beginners and pro, but it's more like is it worth buy and how it will impact in your game.

In other thought, buying ladies golf clubs can be a pricey undertaking, especially if the lady in question is not sure whether this is her game or not and just wants to try it out. One solution to this situation is to buy used or second hand clubs initially. If the golf bug bites, then an upgrade can take place at a later stage.

With this kind of reason, I urge you to taking advice from others that you trust or know to be informed is always of benefit. Try to get the opinions of as many peoples as possible because relying on one person could leave you receiving biased information but get the advice of experts. 

If you are new to golf, you may not be aware of all the issues that are really important like swing or weight of the clubs, so having awareness of the matters will make a big difference.


How to Pick The Right Womens Golf Clubs

As a beginner you probably don't know where do you want to start and how to choose the best golf club for you. For every women's golf clubs for beginners, there is some tip that you need to know, that is to find equipment which matches your level of experience, your strength and your posture when hitting the ball.

It's crucial because you don't want to waste your time, energy and money for the thing that you don't even know how to use it correctly. Therefore, There is no need for you to have a full set of clubs as a beginner. You would be better off concentrating on a good putter, a few (-3, -5, or -7) woods and a couple of irons (-5, -7, pitching wedge) for example. These are what you need to learn to swing, so it does not make sense to spend loads of money on equipment you are not going to use right away.

However, once you got it right, you may want to buy a full set of your golf clubs. There are some plenty good golf clubs for women on amazon that you may want to check out. These are the example that I found on amazon and I'm gonna review it for you :

1) Wilson Golf Hope Platinum Ladies

Features :
  • Ladies golf set with complete set of game-improvement clubs
  • Oversized 460cc titanium-composite driver with tip-reinforced graphite shaft
  • Fairway wood and easy-to-hit hybrid with tip-reinforced graphite shafts
  • 7 perimeter-weighted stainless-steel irons (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, and SW)
  • Alignment mallet putter; premium cart bag with shoulder strap
Click here to buy from amazon.

2) Confidence Golf Lady Power Hybrid

Features :

  • All clubs fitted with regular flex steel shafts
  • Metal wood
  • Hybrid, semi-mallet putter fitted with steel shaft
  • Iron set and putter
  • Stand bag, all weather grips
Click here to buy from amazon.

3) Palm Springs Women's Golf Clubs

Features :

  • Includes headcovers, towel ring and rain cover
  • Features 2 woods, 2 hybrids and 4 way full length dividers
  • Six irons and 4 exterior zippered pockets
  • Lightweight and durable nylon construction
  • One exterior vented pocket and a stand bag
Click here to buy from amazon. 

With a good set of clubs, a novice golfer can achieve success more quickly and enjoy the game more. Though, It is also worth remembering that if you are on a strict budget there are many places online where you can purchase used clubs at a fraction of the cost of new ones.


Womens Golf Clubs - Wear Your Right Outfit

Womens Golf Apparel
Like every woman, they always wanted to look good and comfortable with the outfit that their wear. Even when they start their very first training on women's golf clubs. I know that so do you.

Skirts and dresses are not practical attires to wear when playing golf. Pants or capris should be worn to avoid awkwardness when straining or bending over to pick up clubs or balls. For the top, long sleeves shirts are ideal for any type of weather.

Additionally, ladies golf wear includes accessories. A pair of high performance golf gloves can protect your hands from tears. A great hat or visor serves multiple purposes by keeping the sun out of your eyes and completing an outfit. Socks, headbands, wristbands and golf bags are also available in many colors and styles. Matching these items will make you feel fashionable and professional every time you set foot on the golf course.

There are actually so many options on choosing your apparel by browsing through the internet and get which one is the best and suit with you. Well, that's not really necessary though, because in here I'll be guiding you to find all of your golf tools, accessories, wearing and all of that stuff till you get your best  looking and performance on your golf club.


Womens Golf Clubs For Beginners

Womens Golf Clubs
Nowdays, Women are usually playing what men played. Not only in general term, but also in sport. Especially in golf. It's not a doubt, there are many womens golf clubs out there that provide all golf tools for women and the courses as well about how to play golf and stuff.

For every beginners, before they go into  the whole golf techniques thing, it is obvious that they should have know the basic three main tools of golf and also they should get used to it, which are the woods, the irons, and the putter. While woods are generally used for a straighter flight, the irons are used for an arching shot. Irons are what you will use when you need to get off the rough grass and into the smoother grass - the fairway

The fact about female golf clubs is that the higher the quality of the shaft the better the club and a female golf club should have a graphite shaft and a standard length according to the golfer's height, strength and handicap.

Of course, Going for womens golf clubs that someone else recommends is never the way to go. You have to know what feels right for you. After all, You just need to practice to improve your techniques and enjoy your game.